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Hi Peeps!

Today I’m going to write about Yuana Premium Hair Oil.

Being a Monday today, beating Monday blues is not easy but a Champi (hair oil massage) can always do the trick. I have one such hair oil with me that makes my hair beautiful and prevents hair fall fall too. With so many hair oils in the market, it gets difficult to choose one. Hence, I have written this review for you to help you out on picking just the perfect hair oil for yourself.

Read on to know more about this hair oil.



About Yuana Premium Hair Oil

Yuana is a new brand and is the brain child of Sushma & Anita. Yuana is a smart oil that has an impeccable blend of 7 finest oils for complete hair care. It provides essential multi-vitamins and minerals to your hair for nourishment.



Ingredients of Yuana Premium Hair Oil

1.  Almond Oil

2.  Sesame oil

3. Castor oil

4. Olive oil

5. Mustard oil

6. Coconut oil

7. Sunflower oil

It also has fragrance and BHT (used as a preservative). It is completely silicon free




Benefits of Yuana Premium Hair Oil

  • It is a blend of 7 essential oils.

  • It is useful for all age groups – children, teenagers and adults.

  • It repairs, nourishes, smoothens, polishes, detangles and boosts your hair.

  • It combats hair fall and aids hair growth.

  • It can be used for styling your hair.

  • It can be mixed with hair colour to enhance the hair colour and protect hair from damage caused by harmful chemicals.



How to use the product:

The bottle has an effective pump that can be used.

Just take 3-4 pumps out of the bottle and apply on hair.

For Hair Growth:

Massage on scalp in circular motion with finger tips. you can leave it on for 2-3 hours or even overnight. It’s advisable to use it this way thrice a week for effective hair growth.

For Hair Styling:

Using the pump of the bottle, just spray on to the middle and tips of the hair to reduce fizz and style your hair.

For Enhancing Hair Color:

Just add 3-4 pumps of oil to your hair color to get extra shine and smoothness.









My Experience After Using the Product

1. It was easy to apply thanks to the pump in the bottle.

2. It has a pleasant fragrance.

3. It is non sticky and light on the hair. It gives you a fresh feeling when applied.

4. The best part is that it is not a typical oily hair oil and can be used for hair styling as well.

5. It is reasonably priced as you are getting the properties of 7 oils-in -one.





My Happiness Quotient After Using the Product:

Extremely Happy !!  🙂



Price & Availability:


Priced at : INR 675/- for 100ml

Available at:

Brand Website: Visit Here


Overall Rating:  4.5/5  🙂


Here’s a video of how I used this product


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  1. Wow it looks so good and promising hair oil. And the amazing thing about it is that it consist of many essential oil. So it must be great hair oil. It’s like must try product for me

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