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Hi People!

I come back with yet another concept shoot- A Vintage Soul. If you go by the urban dictionary, a vintage soul means someone who is wise beyond her years. However for me a vintage soul is strictly someone who craves retro fashion! Like me. Read on more to find out..


There is something about vintage fashion that always fascinates me. I think I am not alone in this, as even the spring summer trends today scream vintage !

The Kendall Jenner inspired fashion trend of wearing inner-wear as outerwear, in other words, wearing bralettes dates back to the 1920’s.

In fact, it just started since then in the ’20’s and actually continued on till 1950’s and rocked by Madonna in the 1980’s too!

Ain’t they all screaming vintage, and how I love it ! 🙂


Coming to my never ending love for polka dots and using a silk scarf as a hair accessory. Timeless and classic, isn’t it?

I personally believe, stripes and polka dots never went out of fashion and never will. There’s always a retro style hidden somewhere.



Talking about scarves, the fashion trend dates back to the 1920’s again!

There’s something mysterious about scarves, I feel. It’s hiding something yet adding a sophisticated edge to your look.

Vintage scarves are a wardrobe essential in a woman’s closet. It can add charm to a dull outfit.


I’ve tied my scarf around the head and close to the neck just like in the 1930’s.

I’m wearing crop pants trying to create a 1950’s pants look.

Vintage/Retro 5o’s fashion boasted of Capri pants as a Pinup Fashion.

If it’s high waist, it’s vintage!


There’s a lot that can be said about vintage fashion history, one blog post is not enough.

However, via this look I have tried to incorporate those vintage fashion trends that still hold true not just as per spring summer runway trends, but also what a girl can practically wear.

Cropped pants is just something that every college girl or corporate working woman would like to sport.

For the shy ones, you can wear your bralette over a t-shirt and rock the look.

For the bold ones, you can wear your bralette like I have, or with a pant-suit.

Coming to my favorite part, the scarf- there’s never a reason why you can’t wear one 🙂

Let me know your thoughts below on merging vintage fashion with today’s fashion trends.

Till Then,

Keep It Stylish,




PC: Gopi Megh Photography

Hair & Makeup : The PowderRoom, Delhi

Styling & Concept : Vizithi

Location Credits: Bunta Bar, CP, Delhi


48 thoughts on “Vintage Soul

  1. The Retro fashion has always interested me. The flaring pants still much in fashion still gives a more fashionable statement than anything else. Loved your blog ‘vintage soul’.

  2. That’s so true @fravaganza the Vintage retro look is back in trend. Just amazed to you took this look into next level. Loved your retro look👍

  3. Osm mam..Loved your retro look..And you are looking gourjous in the pic and I like the way u come with the different type of consert …You are truly classy bolgger..👏

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