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I hope you all are enjoying the weather these days- it’s getting cooler day by day. Fall’17 is approaching. However, the look for this post is still very summerish. ‘Coz it’s not the time to say goodbye yet! This is a simple yet very classy and elegant evening look which I have created. It’s perfect for your next date or for a fashionable outing with your girlfriends!


Why Un-Apologetically ?

This post, like previous other philosophical posts is very close to my heart and pouring it all down here. Through this post I want to share about life’s regrets with you. Not mine, in particular. But the concept of life’s regrets in general. Regret is a feeling we have when we feel like fixing something in the past-but that is beyond our control. I believe , one should never have regrets. One should look at them as life’s experiences. Every past experience teaches us something. What’s done is done, maybe if you go back, you cannot fix it. “Coz you are still the same. Never apologize for being yourself. Hence, unapologetically.



I always look at the Past as a movie. From a third person perspective. It leads to many realizations which can help you in the present and lead to a better future.

Regret is a very negative emotion and don’t let it bog you down. Don’t let it affect you. Don’t look down upon yourself. Look down graciously over the negatives. Chin up and deal with it beautifully.


Shift your Focus

Life is the biggest teacher for everyone. Be ready to learn. Only then can you enjoy life.  If you focus on the negatives, be it in you or in your environment, you will keep pulling yourself down. Shift your focus on to the positives. Focus on future goals. You can’t fix the past, right? So, focus on your present. Being a better you, aiming high. 


Consider Yourself Lucky

We all must have heard the saying, “Don’t say Why Me? Say Try Me”. By changing your perspective, you can win many battles. The biggest battle which you have to win is not something outside, it’s with your inner self. It’s about how to deal with your situations.

Rather than sulking, pick yourself up and see your problems as your opportunities. Life is giving you the chance to work on something. Not everyone has this opportunity. 



It hurts when we have a problem. Let’s just not do the obvious and let’s not behave like a loser. Win yourself back and forge on. Life is still beautiful with all the problems out there. Your problems have made you what you are. Being yourself, you realise who’s with you and who’s not. Those who left you, will eventually come back, if life wants. Trust Life. You never know what’s it got in store for you.

Keep the fire burnin’ alive, just don’t let it burn you. Be a Goddess! Rock it!

Till Then,

Keep It Stylish,



28 thoughts on “Unapologetically Yours

  1. So beautifully and wisely written. The pictures are so beautiful and you look lovely with full of confidence. I loved the quite keep the fire burning alive but don’t let it burn you. So rightly said

  2. I really like your views on life. I agree that you never know what life got in store for you. Your outfit looks really very classy and trendy. White and black combination always looks great. Love your neckpiece also

  3. I agree… Many friends ask me if i would change some elements of my past if given a chance, i say no.. because my mistakes, no matter how painful and grave, have made me what i am today 😊

  4. You look stylish and I love the points you have mentioned. They are very meaningful and powerful. Looking past a movie is something I should practice…

  5. Wuhu.. isn’t it too hot here!!
    For a second i thought its shraddha kapoor.. very well put the fashion and photograohs are just amazing.
    Good luck

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