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As the title of this post suggests “The Afro Wrap”, this post is going to be all about African fashion about head wraps and dress wraps. I have tried to create a chic African head wrap and D-I-Y African wrap dress with a printed Dupatta. But first let’s talk about the history of these African fashion trends.

What is the Afro Wrap

With this term I am covering two aspects of Africa fashion trends, which are:

  • African Head Wrap

  • African Dress Wrap


The African Head Wrap:

This African fashion trend of wearing printed head scarfs is a very popular fashion trend. It is known by different names- Gele in Nigeria and Tignon in West Africa


This Afro fashion trend has inspired many to create a boho chic look and not just restricted to Africa alone.

However, if we talk about African fashion history, the concept of tying a head wrap is not just a fashion statement rather it’s a symbol of courage and rebellion for the Afro American women. Rebellion against loss of self identity and courage to evoke an image of their homeland during slavery.


Also, the style in which the head wrap is tied in Africa, can tell you the status of the woman- whether she is married, unmarried or a widow.

It has a huge cultural significance for them.


The African Dress Wrap

Traditionally known as The Kanga, in Africa- this is the African wrap around dress. Again, there are different styles of tying a wrap dress , but I have tired to attempt the traditional wrap.


I have tried to create a Do-It-Yourself Wrap dress using a vibrant printed dupatta. African prints are very bold and bright, hence this choice of dupatta.

Furthermore, I have accessorized using silver handcuff and have worn turquiose choker as an anklet.

Also, I am wearing Big chunky hoop earrings-Afro style.


Words from the Blogger

What inspires me about this Trend

Like I mentioned above, the Afro head wrap is not just a fashion statement- its much more. As a woman, I feel empowered to know that how Afro American women used a headscarf for voicing their opinion. That is what art, music and fashion is all about– not just entertainment but for a greater cause. To stir a change. That’s why I chose to blog about this 🙂

Let me know your thoughts down below!

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Stylist: Vizithi

Makeup: The PowderRoom Delhi

Location: Bunta Bar, CP, Delhi

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