Scars are Beautiful

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Hello Friends

Scars are beautiful- Inspired by the Japanese culture of Kintsukuroi also known as the Golden mend. How we can learn and imbibe this in our life and accept being flawed! Read on to find out more..

This post is for all the people going through something in their lives.

We all go through hardships-big or small in our lives, don’t we?

What do we have left in the end? Experiences- bitter/sweet?

Mostly struggles- that become a turning point, if we take them positively and channelize them.

How do you take the problems in your life? Do you see them negatively and victimize yourself? Feel Depressed? Or do you try to look at them rationally and channelize them?
I fall in the second category where I choose to channelize the struggles and hardships in my life to create a positive and beautiful outcome. To achieve this, I focus on the present rather than the Past or the future.

So I came across this really cool concept which the Japanese tend to imbibe in their culture.

It’s called “Scars are beautiful”.   In Japan, whenever an object breaks, they fill the cracks with gold. They see the flaw as a unique piece of the object’s history.

And this blog post is just about imbibing that concept in our lives.


I truly believe that it’s the struggles and problems that we go through and the choices that we makes amidst them that matter. It’s the scars in our so-called perfect life that make the journey worthwhile. They made us who we are today and rather than shying away, we should embrace them. We should be proud of these scars in our life. They are beautiful.


So, the next time you feel sad or broken, consider my blog post and evaluate how far you have come in your life. If it weren’t for these scars, you wouldn’t’ be here today!

I would like to end this blog post  with the lyrics of a very motivating song by Alessia Cara :

But there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark 
You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are 
And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart 
No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful…


Concept: Bulbul Varma

PC: Vivek Kumar

MUA : Kangna Kochchar

41 thoughts on “Scars are Beautiful

  1. Thanks for this lovely post. Struggles are there and will always be, important point is to embrace those, learn and move on. And when we look back to those challenging days, we always get a smile on our face because it shows we have come a long way ahead. Just Keep moving!

  2. I strongly feel experiences and hardships shape the person you are today and hence I agree scars or call them painful experiences they teach you the most and make a better person out of you.

  3. Marvellous concept and how beautifully you have Imbibed it in your life. Love the way you have articulated the same and also inspired me.

  4. How beautifully have you described the hardships and the scars which regularly happen in our lives in some way or the other. For me, I take hardships as positive happening to get the positive vibrations in life.

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