Retro Vibes|Recreating 70s Fashion

retro vibes - Retro Vibes|Recreating 70s Fashion

So everyone’s going gaga over this off shoulder trend that’s going on, hence I decided to jump in the wagon and create a retro look for my Lookbook. For an age old trend like this one, this had to be it. Not many people know that the off shoulder trend dates back to the mid 1800s.
Why I love this style is because it can make any body type look amazing! Just dab a bit of shiny lotion spray on your bare shoulders and voila! You are ready to sizzle!
2016s fashion has been all about fashion comebacks. Not just the off-shoulder but we also saw the comeback of the retro bell-bottoms or say to say “the flared bottoms.
I believe, pieces with a ’70s-era vibe have been hot on the fashion charts on and off now, it’s like they are here to stay that’s why they keep coming back. Last summer it was the crop top and this time, it’s the off shoulder tops and flared pants.
I am a 90s kid but I personally like 70s fashion a lot- it was all about being out there- bold and expressive! My favorite style icon from the 70s is Zeenat Aman and I loved her sun glasses in the Dum Maaro Dum look. I tried to search for similar sun glasses while creating this look, but was not able to. But I’m sure, you’re gonna love the oversized retro sun glasses from Aldo Accessories that I have used instead in this look.
And who can forget the choker necklace at this point of time. It gives the perfect edgy angle to my retro look. The choker that I’m wearing is actually a DiY (Do-it-Yourself) all thanks to my mom-in-law Uma Bahl who actually made it for me!
She was too sweet to make me DIY Bracelet too! But seriously guys, there’s no need to spend money on buying choker necklaces when you can easily make them at home.
Lastly, I have tied my hair up in a bun to give it that hippie look that the 70s is oh-so-famous for!

What are your favorite fashion trends from the 70s? Do comment below and share your views. 

3 - Retro Vibes|Recreating 70s Fashion
2 - Retro Vibes|Recreating 70s Fashion
1 - Retro Vibes|Recreating 70s Fashion
ppv 3851 - Retro Vibes|Recreating 70s Fashion
1480981793 - Retro Vibes|Recreating 70s Fashion
ppv 3860 - Retro Vibes|Recreating 70s Fashion

Top: H&M
Pants: StalkBuyLove
Choker necklace: DiY
Bracelet: DiY
Shoes: GK1, M block market

​PC: Vaibhav Sachdeva

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