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Today I’m going to write about a very important aspect of our body- something that we always neglect. It’s our nails! Are you also tired of brittle nails and don’t know what to do about it. Thanks to Probelle Beauty, they sent me a set of 2 nail care products that provide proper nail treatment. The result is healthy nails at the end of 2 weeks.

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About Probelle Beauty

Probelle Beauty is a Florida Based International brand. It creates innovative nail care products such as nail care treatments. the purpose of the brand is to create healthy beautiful nails.


Why is Nail care important?

  • Beautiful nails are a conversation starter

  • Attractive nails enhance your personality

  • Unhealthy nails can be a sign of poor health conditions such as Liver disease, Kidney Disease, Anemia or Diabetes.

About Probelle Nail Treatment

This nail treatment is a set of two nail care products to cover 2 weeks.


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Formula 1 ( Nail Hardener)

  • To be applied daily in First week

  • Cures, repairs and restores damaged nails

  • Remove after 1 week


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  • Formula 2 ( Nail Maintenance)

    • To be applied daily in 2nd Week

    • Maintains nails and makes them stronger and healthier.

    • Contains Garlic & Lime



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Here’s a video review of how I used this product and how was my experience:

My Rating: 4/5  🙂

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  1. This is very useful, i had problems with brittle & weak nails but today they are back to good. But you tips are truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

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