Not So Valentine’s

ARS8863 1040x1560 - Not So Valentine's

Roses are Red ,

Violets are Blue,

Is there something wrong with you?

PS: If you’re one of those mushy lovers, this post is not for you…Parental discretion advised …(kidding)


So, here’s my story… I’ve come a long way from being a girly girl to being a woman of today. And what better than Valentine’s Day to talk about it..


Vday all over the world is just like another Prom date- totally over-rated. Why I say so is because why should you dedicate just one day to love? That too, dedicated to someone else? Why not make every day a Vday?

Whether you’re in love and with someone or you are single, it’s very important to love yourself first. ‘Coz if you don’t and if you’re not happy from inside, with your own self , you will always feel that void.


Also, what’s this fixation that we girls have with the color Red on every Vday? Red heart shape balloons, Red roses, Red Teddy Bears, Red Dress and so on..!

I love my Reds.. but this year I decided not to go overboard with the color Red and just add a pop of Red to my outfit.


When it comes to accessories, I have kept it simple with these pair of stylish and edgy earrings from Outhouse Jewellery.


Love Yourself

Coming back to celebrating Valentines day gaga, girls, if you really wanna enjoy or celebrate this day or celebrate “love”, then go out and pamper yourself.

Go for a solo date or go out for a date with your BFF..even if you have a boyfriend..

You’ve probably gone out on a zillion dates with your boyfriend till now and probably spending lesser time with your BFF, so why not show some love to her and yourself?


There comes a phase in our life, where we are out with the clichéd and in with the Edgy. That’s why I opted for this black printed designer dress from Bhaavya Bhatnagar and paired it with ankle length boots! Not so Valentine’s, isn’t it ?


Date The Ramp

Hey! If you’re wondering that this outfit cost me a lot, then hell no ! I’m all into designer dresses and jewellery, but I do like to keep a check on how I spend my hard earned money..

Hence, when I came across this website called DateTheRamp, I just knew I had found my answer to how to look like a million bucks without actually spending any!

DateTheRamp is a members-only online fashion service for women. where you can rent authentic designer wear at a fraction of the original price! How cool is that ! 🙂

This whole outfit (including the earrings) cost me only INR 2,450

Leading a busy lifestyle, I hardly have time to go out and shop for myself and with DateTheRamp convenient doorstep service, the outfit was delivered to my home.

Click Here to book this outfit for yourself!


Words from the Blogger

Valentine’s is a day of love and is not just restricted to your boyfriend, no offence..

This day show your love to yourself, to your family and friends..ditch the reds and go for blues!

Just go out there and enjoy !

Till Then,

Keep it Stylish,




PC: TheBrokeExplorer

MUA: Palak Gorke

Outfit: DateTheRamp

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  1. Looking stunning and the idea that your expressed was captivating . Yup everone should make others feel important everyday .

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