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Hi Friends!

Lately, I’ve been trying to blog about interesting fashion topics for everyone to ponder over. It’s become an interesting journey and I hope you all are liking it. Today, I chose to write about Millennial Fashion. Have you heard about it? What’s millennial fashion all about and how I created a look for this fashion trend. Read on to find out more..


What is Millennial Fashion?

Refers to the fashion for the youth – Gen X and Gen Y. The concept refers to the fashion trends of the millennium.

It’s the fashion of today- where young fashion enthusiasts are inspired by Fashion Blogs, Pinterest and sharing fashion trends on WhatsApp.

It’s about fashion being comfortable yet stylish without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s about having the must –haves in your wardrobe.

Millennial Fashion Trends:

  • Love for online shopping:

    Today’s generation is addicted to online shopping. Yes, the old charm of visiting flea markets or malls is there. However, if it’s online, it’s shopped faster.

  • Love for personalized stuff:

    Ain’t we all really attracted to personalized stuff like personalized handbags, personalized phone/passport covers etc. It’s the millennial fashion!

  • Love for must-have essentials in wardrobe:

    We would rather have the must have -essentials in our wardrobe that look trendy and fashionable, without burning a hole in our pocket, right? It’s about having just the right amount of clothes in your wardrobe, without going over-board. This concept is called creating a capsule wardrobe.

  • Love for Minimalist Fashion:

    It’s the kind of practical fashion we all opt for in our daily lives. We believe in the less is more rule


Why I like This Trend:

Simply put, It’s very me! It’s very practical for daily use. Also, me being a part of the millenium, LOL  🙂 , I can relate to it!


My Millennial Fashion Look :

Now that you know, what this fashion trend is all about, let me show you what look I created with this:

  • Denims

    Comfort for me is in denims. They go with every season. Hence, I chose to wear a denim dress.

    Off shoulders are a very popular spring summer trend again, hence this one.

  • White Sneakers:

    It’s all about the comfort again and what better than these? Plus, they go really well with my outfit.


Millennial Pink:

If u go by the runway trends, Pink is everywhere! From subtle shaded to vibrant ones! Hence, this choker from ProLeather:


Trendy Tan Round Bag:

This one is my favorite! Got this from Benetton and I use this in almost all my looks for the look book. It’s basic yet stylish. #BacktoBasics Again minimalist fashion!


I hope you liked about getting to know my thoughts about Millennial Fashion. I would love to know how you can try this or if you have tried this!

Till Then,

Keep It stylish !




PC: Delhi Velvet

Dress: Fifth Avenue, Gk-1, Delhi

White Shoes: GK 1, Delhi

Bag: Benetton

Choker: Proleather

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