Life is a Fairytale

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Hola Peeps!

Do you believe in fairytales? Or used to, but now don’t? If the answer to this yes, you definitely need to read this post..

My Childhood

As a kid, I was very fond of Fairytales. Even after I grew up, I never stopped believing in them.

Watching fairytale movies or reading fairytale books used to take me to la-la land where everything is perfect and beautiful. My dreamland.


A land where nothing ever goes wrong. Even if it did, it would all be sorted. Everything is beautiful, good to look forward to..


I always used to feel i’m a princess belonging to a faraway land and would soon be united with my kingdom to do my princess-y duties. I used to live in my own little fairytale.


This thought became a part of my upbringing and how I perceived the world and how I carried myself. So, even while going to the washroom, I’d walk with grace and poise. Funny, it seems now..


My Realisations

As we grow older, we realize life is not a bed of roses. Life is beautiful but harsh and full of adversities. There is good and there is evil and we don’t have a magic wand to finish the evil. Real life princess in danger but no such thing as Prince charming to come and rescue her. She has to be her own knight as she’s the strong independent woman of today.


Even if this is the scenario, do we get perturbed by it? No, absolutely not! The whole concept of the make believe fairytale world is for us to have faith. Faith in the good and not evil. To have Courage to fight like a warrior. A warrior princess and not a damsel in distress.



Miracles do happen. Yes! But you have to BELIEVE in them. We all are trying to carve our own fairytales even today. But we often get pulled down and demotivated when faced with  problems. Something that disturbs our mindset of peaceful fairytale world. When practicality enters, fairytale vanishes. Let’s strive to have both.


If we stop believing , we will never reach the dreamland. But such a land does exist! Never stop believing in miracles. Don’t be bogged down by what you face today. Chin up, smile and out you go in search of your fairytale.

Words from the Blogger

Believe me, life is what you make it and life is a fairytale, if you want it!

39 thoughts on “Life is a Fairytale

  1. You look amazingly beautiful!
    Nice write up. It’s better and better when I was reading it. Great work!
    Pictures are very creative. Nice idea.

  2. Life is what you perceive it as
    Believe that it’s a fairytale it will become so
    Miracles happen only when you believe in them

  3. Believe in yourself and you will be un-stoppable. Thanx for sharing such a beautiful thoughts with us dii.. 😘😘

  4. Your pictures are really beautiful like any fairy queen. Interesting reading. Very beautifully penned down. Your pix are very creatively clicked. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

  5. Loved your pics babe.. and also the write-up.. beautifully written and i agree with everything you said.. life is not a bed of roses but definitely it is what we make it

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