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I come back with another Tavel Series for you all … as promised !
Lagom captures my emotions from my recent trip to #Corbett
Lagom meaning “not too little, not too much, Just right !“ and that’s exactly how I felt in this short trip.
It was basically a quick weekend getaway to #JimCorbett which’s a place brimming with flora and beautiful river Kosi ! .
It’s so easy to get burned out or discouraged when all you do is work. My inquisitive mind is always in search of how I can inspire and motivate my own self to keep working until I reach my goals 🙏 😇
Hence i always turn to #travel as it helps me unwind and release the stress that comes with this whole process to realize my goals and Lagom is just about that!

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The thing about Indian culture is that it never fails to amaze and mesmerise me ! Just like the belief which the people have when they offer these chimes/ bells to the Holy Diety Maa Girija Devi . Thousands of devotees come to this temple and it is considered to be auspicious to offer these घंटियाँ to the Goddess. The More of these bells/chimes you offer, the devotees believe the further the sound of your prayer will reach out to the Goddess! To each his own I guess !
Set on top of a hill on the banks of River Kosi, check out the pictures below
Have you come across stories of any such beliefs while travelling?
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The beauty of #corbett is in Kosi river ! The water is just perfect, cool enough to take away all your pains ! Look how happy it made me ! I’m anyday a water baby and being a water sign #Scorpio I think I’m naturally attracted towards waves 🌊 water and it always calms me down, bringing in the Happy hormones! R you a water baby too ????
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The whole point of travel is to explore life and your ownself by exploring places and new people! Just like I met this humble couple who run a small tea stall ☕️ on the banks of #RiverKosi .. they shared with me how they also take a dip in the river once a while ! Perks of owning a stall on the river banks itself 😍 and how the elephants would come in during the rains and almost ruin the stall 😰 it’s fun to know someone just over a cup of hot #GaramChai ☕️!! #ChaiConversations are the best !!!
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I could really resonate with the #RiverKosi as it’s young, wild, free and untameable! #Kosi has always been a rebel and so have I .. breaking boundaries.. reaching out for more… never settling at average or rather never settling down ! Kosi’s spirit is a free one and so is mine 🔥
#Kosi is also known as a shock or curse to North Bihar as it has an uncontrollable flow during the rains.. No one has ever been able to tame its flow ever ! Amen to that 🌊
Somethings are just meant to be left the way they are ! They are not born to be put in a box or be tamed 🤟🏻
I am Kosi .. are you ?
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With this last image I wrap up this #TravelSeries #Lagom
I captured this image on the banks of #RiverKosi and I fell completely in love with the sky and rawness of the nature ! At this moment in this place I felt i am in #LehLadakh and not in #Corbett as it looked just like that … so beautiful.. the white sand beach reminded me of #Rishikesh as well ! Funny how one single place can make you feel like you’re in three different places !
All in the mind !
This place is so serene that you can spend hours here, write poems, meditate or just click pics, it’s #Lagom – Not too much, Not too little, Just Perfect !
I hope you enjoyed this travel series 😊 until I come up with another… .
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Till Then,
Keep It Stylish,

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