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Indian Summers are at their scorching best and I hope you all are keeping yourself well hydrated. It not only keeps a check on your health saving you from a heat stroke but also gives a beautiful glow to your skin.

Talking about skincare, we all must have a proper skincare routine to look and feel flawless and young always! But the trick is not to run after cosmetics with harmful chemicals but to go for home remedies and products with natural ingredients and one such brand is Inatur Herbals.

Hence, when I was invited to attend the Inatur Herbals Womens Forum, I couldn’t say no and was keen to know more about their Spring Summer Collection 2017.

About Inatur

INATUR (pronounced ee-na-toor) and meaning Innovation & Nature offers a wide range of All Natural & Herbal Products, their products do not contain any harmful ingredients. Their products are 100%  Ayurvedic which is beneficial to your skin.


I was truly amazed to see their wide range of products covering not only Bath & Body Care, Hair Care but also Aromatherapy Essential Oils & fragrances.

Excited to see the wide variety of aromatherapy essential oils & fragrances at Inatur
Excited to see the wide variety of aromatherapy essential oils & fragrances at Inatur

Inatur helped me select the following products to end all my skin woes:

  • Lavender body mist

  • Detan 3 in 1

  • Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Facial Gel


I must say my favourite product of these all has to be the De-Tan! I instantly fell in love with it when I took a demo of the product on my hand.

  • Detan 3 in 1

    What I loved most about this product is that it has a 3-in-1 effect of a Cleanser, Exfoliator and a Mask. How cool is that! Maybe that’s the reason why my skin got 1 shade lighter just within it’s application for 10 minutes. Now compare that to the experience you get from a De-Tan therapy in any salon- you have to keep the mask on for atleast 20 minutes. I give this product a thumbs up from my side. Simply loved it and perfectly suited for Indian summers.

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  • Tea Tree Skin Clarifying Facial Gel

    This one is the product that I liked the 2nd best out of the three. Since, I have a combination skin, this product perfectly suits my skin type. It helps to remove acne-causing bacteria, excessive oil and blackheads while hydrating the skin. Upon using it, not only did my pimples diminish to a certain extent but it also made my skin feel soft and look brighter.

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  • Lavender Body Mist

    This has to be my 3rd favourite of all the products! I personally love the fragrance of Lavender a lot and it acts as a perfect fragrance for me that calms my senses and relaxes me. I can’t say that the fragrance is 100% like Lavender but I must say that it smelt really good and gave me a feeling of well-being. Like every other Body mist, even this one needs to be re-applied every 4 hours.

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I had a lovely experience using these products from Inatur Herbals and trust me girls, you should check them out for yourself too! They have their stores across Delhi & one in Mumbai and are easily available online and shipped pan India & Middle East 📍

Here’s ending this post with my picture with the Founder herself, Ms. Pooja Nagdev.


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