Graceful Patience

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It is said that Patience is a very desirable virtue and those who have it are the wisest of all. I too desire this virtue in me and hence I decided to pen down my thoughts on it.

Lately, my posts have been very philosophical I believe, more to do with life’s practicalities than just plain fashion or lifestyle.

I have started to enjoy this phase in my life where I’m thinking like this, I think it’s giving me a chance to connect more with my readers and followers. Helping me to create an emotional bond with all of you, as our experiences may be situational , but the journeys would be the same eventually.

Each of us goes through the same in some way or the other, just disguised in different worlds.


Being honest, I have been a very impatient person. Often, I’v been given this feedback to stay calm and relax and wait for the right moment, but I never really understood it until now.

I wouldn’t say that now I am a patient person, but I’m definitely on the path to becoming one. Sometimes, you learn well and apply that. Sometimes, you experience some hardships and then learn to apply.

Most of us fall in the second category including me.

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Being patient is nice, but being gracefully patient is what I’m talking about. By that I mean is that we all have this virtue of being patient already.  What sets us apart is that how long are we patient for.

Haven’t we all been guilty of shortchanging ourselves? Settling for something that we didn’t initially want to, but eventually did. Is it because we were tired of waiting?


This way we are just creating a life of mediocrity for ourselves, nothing else. On the other hand, if we decide to wait it out a little longer, we might just end up where we want to and reach our destination.

It will also make us stronger as individuals. But it’s a very painful thing to practice. That’s why not everyone can do it in this fast paced generation.


Our journey of being patient can be eased out once we observe our situations and analyse how long it’s gonna be till we achieve what we want to.

Mindlessly waiting for something, without a plan is going to lead us nowhere. Rather it will just create more frustration and confusion.



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I suggest to wait it out today to receive the bumper prize tomorrow rather than ending up with consolation prize today, simply put.

Let’s be patient gracefully…think about it..


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55 thoughts on “Graceful Patience

  1. Amazing pictures. Amazing thought. Amazing you, Bulbul. Realised how important patience is and it’s not just about doing nothing but to wait gracefully.

  2. Beautifuly worded…..indeed it alwaz pays to be patient… though it seems a tough task….. u have triggered a thought process dear

  3. This gives a clarity on being gracefully patience, I wonder is this a complete quality if a person possess can make him calm and a charmer by face🌞. This settling a seed of fresh thought inside me, making me give a thought on this for being a graceful person. Thanking you in anticipation for this wonderful article. pictures are amazingly going with the article ‘graceful’πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
    Priyanka Pathania

  4. amazing thought @fravaganza its really important for gracefully being pateince coz you deserve things at right time no need for hurrying up things and not getting what you actually deserve.

  5. Bulbul, I really liked your post.
    Life is meant to gain experience of what we desire the most But we need to go in and ponder at those desires…… We have to categorise them and prioritise them. Anything that makes our heartbeat faster is the one that need to come first and also requires our utmost attention.
    Getting philosophical at your age is really wonderful. You will gain wisdom much faster.
    All the best for your journey and a very good write up indeed.
    God bless you.

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating. Means a lot πŸ™‚ I totally agree with your thoughts and like you mentioned prioritizing is a good way to manage procrastination too ! I hope I gain wisdom through my life experiences πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful and ambiguous thoughts. I interpret patience as a virtue which concocts an environment and teaches us to be at peace with ourselves and our decisions. Talk about situational, to me, this is what patience means universally. Looking forward to seeing more of this side of yours. πŸ™‚

  7. You are right bulbul , impatience is a reaction of the situation we face in life . Although it gives no benifit but the reverse. As you said , practice this is no easy but we must try . Beautifully presented. 😊

  8. This is so beautiful. Indeed patience is an uncommon virtue about which people aren’t even aware and you’re doing a great job bringing a change in the attitudes of people by writing on such topics. Keep going! β™₯️

  9. Sometimes I really wait and look forward for your next blog… I loved the pics… And each time you have a awesome content altogether… Love it

  10. Well said Bulbul. I too agree that the power of patience is amazing. I believe patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

  11. Very inspirational bulbul di…it requires both patience and passion to reach the stars…beautiful shoot …..keep shining hotty❀️😻πŸ”₯

  12. Very beautifully you penned down each and every word. Very inspirational thoughts. We should have patience for the things we want. Because god fixes everything happens on a fixed time. You can’t judge the power of patience. But you get a sweet fruit at the end. Really like the way you bring this concept of patience with its new meaning.

  13. Wow! What a thought! So inspiring. But we some timevlose patience very easily, here you show us the path to have that patience gracefully. Lovely read.

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