Embracing Your Inner Darkness

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When I talk about inner darkness, I mean our inner demons, our flaws, our imperfections.

Ain’t we all too hard on ourselves?

Chasing dreams, being in the rat race, being too self critical.

Targeting perfection is good and I’m all for it, but being real and patient with our own self is also very necessary.

As my dear, perfection is a far fetched dream that no one has ever achieved!

Then what are we chasing, have we ever thought?



I truly believe that sometimes we have to go through darkness to get to the light.

By that, my friends, I mean that unless we accept our imperfections and flaws with comfort and ease, we cannot move ahead.

Unless we are comfortable with our own selves, in our very own skin, we cannot reach where we want to.

It’s very important to forgive ourselves for all the follies in order to start afresh.

Carrying inner baggage has never helped anyone to grow.


Accept and live your inner darkness, to come on the path to light.

Unless we forgive ourselves and truly accept our flaws and imperfections with comfort and ease, we cannot move ahead.

I am not a preacher, just a believer and my beliefs are based on my experiences.

As what is life, but a bitter-sweet experience, isn’t it?

Haven’t we all been there, done that?

Embrace your inner darkness to make your inner light shine through…think about it…

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  1. Loved it. You have this versatility of looking n becoming whatever you want. It’s juts amazing Bulbul. πŸ™‚

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