Durga Pujo

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Durga Ashtami

The day when we have Kanya Puja at our homes as a mark of recognising the feminine power within a girl child and honour her.
Some devotees worship a Brahmin girl to receive knowledge
Some worship a Kshatriya-girl to receive power .
And some worship a vaishya family’s girl to gain wealth and prosperity
Mantras are chanted and this girl is made to sit on a special pedestal
But in today’s world are we really worshipping girls and honouring her true feminine power ? Or is it just a Farce ?
Read on to know my thoughts on today’s Durga and recognition of her Inner Goddess….

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The spirit of Durga teaches us to be bold and stand up for ourselves. Destroy the evil in and around us. Yet as females when we try to do the same , we face a different world?
A world that expects us to be sobre and not outgoing
A world that expects us to endure all the wrongdoings women have been subjected to and just be hush hush about it
And a world that revolts against and judges the few courageous ones who wish to stand up to what they feel is right
Ironical isn’t it?

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|| Amake Amar Moto Thaktey Dao 🌹 ||
|| “Let me be like me” ||
This DurgaAshtami let her be whoever she wants to
So if she wants to tie up her Sari with a leather belt, so be it
|| रूप अनेक रूह एक ||
Let her Inner Goddess shine through.

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Maha Nabami

Today on this occasion of Maha Nabami or #Navmi let us remember a few facts
Every woman has Goddess Durga in her
She can multitask reading a book, listening to music on her ear phones while sipping a glass of whatever she wants! Her choice again!
She can multitask two jobs and home
She can multitask 4 kids and a job
She basically uses her 9 different avatars on a daily basis as and when required
A woman is all that
She is no less and should not be made to feel any lesser
That will be the True Celebration of Durga

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|| সিঁদুর খেলা 🌹 ||
|| सिंदूर खेला 🌹 ||

Time for Maa Durga to go home
Sindoor Khela was traditionally only played by married women whereas the unmarried, divorcees and transgenders would only watch
However #NoConditionsApply today to this 400 year old tradition And today women from all walks of life celebrate #SindoorKhela irrespective of their martial status or sexual preference
This #Sindur is sending home #GoddessDurga and uniting women into a bond of sisterhood
Turning sindoor from a symbol of #Patriarchy into symbol of #Sisterhood

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|| Shubho Bijoya ||
|| The Auspicious Victory ||

This Bijoya Dasami, here’s to a Victory in the literal sense when
There will be no more Nirbhayas
There will be no more Asifas
There will be no need for any #MeToo campaign as all will learn to respect ✊ our inner Goddesses
A world where a woman is truly worshipped, respected and honoured .

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I hope you enjoyed this whole series and the concept that I tried to portray behind it ✊
Happy Vijay Dashmi Guys .

Until Then,
Keep it stylish!!


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