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My Love for Braided Hair

Hi Friends!

I have always been fascinated with braided hair. Especially since I have naturally straight hair.

Often I get too bored with my natural hairstyle and feel like trying out curly hair/ braided hair.

However, experimenting with my hair, getting them curled at the local salon is not only time consuming but also wasting a lot of money for a one time event/function.

Hence, visiting a salon to get my hair professionally braided or curled is not a sustainable beauty option.

Hence, I needed something inexpensive, long lasting and sustainable.

So, when I came across this website called BlackHairSpray, I was completely blown over !


About Black Hairspray

Black Hairspray is a leading eCommerce portal that boasts of a large variety of high quality wigs and hair care products.

I instantly fell in love with the entire collection and the different kinds of quality hair wigs they have!

Using hair wigs has always been a sustainable and economical option. Totally natural, no constant heating your natural hair in the salon and you can wear them anytime without spending a penny each time! It’s a one-time beauty solution!

Since I was looking for Braided or Curly wigs, the collection that inspired me was Crochet Braids


Crochet Braids

Check out the entire collection here -> Crochet Braids

The variety of styles they have in barids and curly hair wigs is simply amazing! So much to choose from and a unique style for every woman!

If you like mixing things up, this is the perfect place to shop!

Click here to check out the Crochet Braids Collection.


Benefits of Black Spray:

  • 100 % Natural

  • Sustainable Beauty option

  • Quality products

  • Wide Variety to choose from


Words from the Blogger

If you like experimenting with your hair, do check out the website and especially the Crochet Braids Collection.

No harm in being a different person and different look the next time you go for a party !

Till Then,

Keep it stylish!



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