The Undaunted

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What’s your biggest fear ? How do you face that? Is fear really that important as per what we make it? Don’t all of us want to be free of our fears? Yes, exactly! Let’s be “The Undaunted”


It’s often that our mind controls what we perceive. But what if we train our mind and control it instead? If we constantly keep saying to ourselves, Be positive, don’t worry. It’ll all work out in the end. For better or for worse.

Look your fear in the eye and it will vanish. Easier said than done though. Takes a lot of self control and practice.


I am afraid of many things in life, difficult to pen down in a post. One of them is being bold- breaking away from the cute girl-next-door image that I naturally have. As a Blogger, sticking to one style is never good- as it can stereotype you in one category. Bloggers should be versatile and bold enough to be experimental. I think this holds true not just for bloggers, but for everyone and anyone who is willing to take the challenge. To push oneself is the bravest thing one can do.


Fishnet is a trend that has been there for sometime and I wasn’t bold enough to try it. That was my fear- a small one, but still. With this blog post I shed all my fears, not just sporting or rocking a fishnet with style but my personal fears in general.

High time we take charge of our life and not let our fears control us.


Controlling your fears can free you from within and make you a completely new person. Once done, you’ll keep slaying it with style in life.

I styled my fishnet with this black cold shoulder top and turquoise hot pants. Again something, that I would never have thought to wear. This look is a perfect combination of being bold, sexy and confident yet looking classy.

You can try this look the next time you are out for a late night party and trust me, you’ll be the talk of the town for your impeccable style.


Remember to slay it with style, grace and attitude. Condition your mind to control your fear, rather the other way round. this holds true not just for your taste and choices in fashion but also in life. Let me know how you controlled your fears and what new thing you tried which you were fearful of earlier.

Till then,

Keep It Stylish,



PC: Tarun Singh Photography

Makeup : Kangana Kochchar

Top: Fifth Avenue India

Shorts/Hot Pants: Street shopping

Fishnet Stocking: Local store

Heels: Feetoes 

38 thoughts on “The Undaunted

  1. My biggest fear is not related to outfit. I fear about loosing my family and friends. Your article is way too bold and influencing. I always feel one should try everything possible in this lifetime as we have 1 life to make a lot out of it πŸ™‚

  2. After reading the article I feel motivated and inspired. Just love ur work 😍😍😘😘😘

  3. Yup…I totally agree with you that “This look is a perfect combination of being bold, sexy and confident yet looking classy.”😻πŸ”₯❀️
    And right now my biggest fear is getting married..lolπŸ™ˆ

  4. ” Be positive , don’t worry ” ^ is what i say to myself when on stage facing audience.
    Facing the fear as you said!
    Thank you for taking up such motivating topics.

  5. It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs. One can connect easily from it as its directly coming from the heart.
    And yes thank you a bulbul for touching such topics which can really make a diffence in ones life.

  6. If someone says I can do this….means That buddy has no fear….of challenges coming in front….well done dear…..keep the spirit up always.. Lovely pics..m

  7. Rightly said Bulbul. The four letter word that haunts us – FEAR. Its like a disease in our body and has the potential to cripple our personal growth and keep us from being our best self. We all have our personal fears and are hesitant to shed them. Your article is really very motivating. Keep writing n motivating us.

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