Cherry Blossoms

Hello There!…It’s been a long break for me from blogging and I’m sorry for being M-I-A (Missing in action!) for a while now.
Blogging for me is a passion and a way to express myself, but over time I’ve realized, it gets difficult to follow  your passions and interests. You have to really strive hard and work towards it to keep the momentum going & boy! This is easier said than done, but such is life.
That’s why when I had to make a comeback, I chose this post as this is one of my favorites.
I am wearing a flowy floral slit top, which has been in fashion since last summer and it’s here to stay.
Long flowy Slit tops are not just a fashion fad and it made a lasting impression on the fashion followers for good. What I really like about this style is that it can be worn both to a formal occasion and a casual one too! You just have to play around with the outfit a bit to change its look from casual to formal.
In this look, I have styled it for a casual look with minimal jewellery as it’s good to keep it simple. Like they say, simple and elegant! The beauty of life is in finding happiness in simple things.
If you wanna try this look for a more formal occasion, you can throw in a nice statement neck piece as statement jewellery is one trend that I always try to stick by. It can instantly “dress up” or “dress down” any look.
It feels great to be back and there are many more posts planned for you..stay tuned!
Till then, keep smiling and look fashionable !

dsc 6600 orig - Cherry Blossoms
dsc 6590 orig - Cherry Blossoms
bulbul 01 orig - Cherry Blossoms
dsc 6562 orig - Cherry Blossoms

Long Slit Top : ClassicCoutureGallery
Jegggings: GK 1 Market
Bracelett: Pipa Bella

PC: Vaibhav Sachdeva

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