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Hi Friends,

I come back with yet another concept shoot for you all- Break Free. This post is very special to my heart as it aligns my childhood learning with my present and draws a parallel. When I was a class XIth student, I had participated in an inter-school jingle making competition. To begin this post, I would like to share one jingle with the theme of breaking free, with you. This jingle was created by a participating school and it remains etched in my heart ever since.


The reason I am sharing this with you is because I could strongly connect with this, even back then in school. It goes something like this:

Too long have I been,

All Caged Up & Unseen..

I wanna break through the Open Doors,

Not be caged inside any more…

So Let me fly!

And watch me Fly!

Let me fly away!

Watch me go through the Open Door,

I need to be Free, In the Air that I Breathe,

In the Air that I breathe, To Keep me Alive!

Let me Fly!



Here, breaking free for me doesn’t necessarily refer to a person or a situation. Breaking free for me, here, means Being Limitless! 

Coming Out from the Shadows! Not setting boundaries for our own self-  Letting Go!


At times, we are our own worst enemies! Sometimes, it’s not just some external factor/people/society that’s the problem but we , ourselves.

Our own negative perceptions like fear, doubt, ego that hold us back.

Lack of confidence is another hindrance.

Being self conscious in a negative manner, another major problem.

  • We need to stop this cycle of negativity.

  • Accept who we are.

  • Be Comfortable in our own skin.

  • Love ourselves no matter what.

  • Give Ourselves Time-

    • To Reflect

    • To Achieve

    • To Believe ( Most Importantly !)


High Time we start looking at the brighter side of things in life. Breaking free doesn’t mean being a rebel or a revolutionary.

It just means breaking free from your own withdrawal.


It’s about striving to lose our baggage. Doesn’t it feel lighter when we let go of our inhibitions that stop us?

Let’s stop judging ourselves based on other’s opinions.

Let’s stop thinking of getting other’s approval.

Let’s stop trying to be a perfect fit and embrace being a mismatch.


Eventually you’ll attract colors and happiness in your life again.

You’ll have developed resilience to fight the world and fight your own self.

Eventually you will Break-free! 

Concept & Shoot:

Delhi Velvet

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

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10 thoughts on “Break~Free !

  1. Loved your jingle. Break free, lets fly…. As you said its fear and lack of confidence that prevent many from flying away. But then when you are grown in a system where you are snubbed and treated low, its difficult to get that confidence. But some definitely gather that courage.

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