BloBar~ India’s First Blow Dry Only Salon

IMG 4893 - BloBar~ India's First Blow Dry Only Salon

What comes to your mind when you first hear the words ‘a Blow Dry only Salon’ for women? What’s the concept of this? Why not provide other regular salon services as well? Why should I go there and blah blah blah. Hence, when i first heard about BloBar, I was really curious to know what’s it all about!

The concept of a blow out salon is not alien to the west and is in fact a big hit over there! It brings about the vintage feel of the times when women would visit salons just to get their hair done- a simple wash and blow dry.

However, I still couldn’t really imagine what’s so fascinating about this whole concept- I mean I’m more of a multitasking kinda girl in the salon- getting my Mani-Pedi done while getting a hair cut. So, I decided to go and check out what this place in Def Col had to offer. Read on for more…

As soon as I entered, I was blown over by the lovely decor, talk about getting a blow out!

A stylist was assigned to me and I was presented with a menu of the services being offered.



What’s really fascinating is that all their services are named after cocktails! The following are the styles offered:

Patiala Peg ~ That’s straight & Sleek

Cosmo Masala Mar Ke ~ That’s loose party curls

Bhaang ~ That’s messy & beachy 

Rasamtini ~ That’s straight with volume & a little bounce

Jamuntini ~ That’s big hair and volume

I decided to go for a Bhaang style that would give me messy & beachy hairstyle to my bob cut. My experience started with a hair wash – they only use Moroccan Argan oil products on your hair that is harvested and extracted from the nut of the argan tree.


I was then asked what I’d like to drink and I went in for a Sangria. I was also offered some snacks to go with it. That’s the whole point about this Blow Dry only concept ~ the experience that you will get. Sipping on a Sangria/ tea/ coffee while chit chatting with your girl gang when your hair’s getting done!


The whole blow out session took about 45 minutes and I enjoyed my Wine & Cheese and listening to the lovely Pop music playlist specially curated by the BloBar Staff.


My session was finally over and it was time for me to have a look at my transformation.


I fell completely in love with my new look and was really surprised to see how they could bring about volume and bounce in such a short hair cut that I was sporting. So not having long hair, is really not that bad after all!

I would give a thumbs up to BloBar for the lovely experience that I had there.

You can connect with BloBar on their social media channels or just head to their salon at Defence Colony Market, New Delhi.

Check out their Facebook page here

Follow them on Instagram here

Check out the YouTube video of my BloBar experience below:

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