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Hi Friends!

This is my first concept shoot using a cupcake as a prop! This post is all about finding your inner happiness and how hard or easy it is doing that. Read on to find about my views on happiness.

The other day I was thinking to myself how easy it is make ourselves happy. That’s because we know our likes and dislikes the best. However, we depend on people or things to make us happy.

Some of us even go the extra mile to bring happiness to other people’s lives. However, when it comes to doing something for ownself, we get lazy.

Have you ever wondered, why so?



I think maybe that’s because we feel we don’t need to prove anything to ourselves. But why so? When we don’t think twice before proving ourselves to the whole world?

It’s high time we stopped taking our own self so lightly.

Choose Happy. Choose You. Be You. Period.


The above two images show few of my favorite things that make me happy.

I have a sweet tooth but have I forgot to indulge myself in sweets? It’s high time we stopped counting calories and started LIVING!

Being fit is one thing, but being stupid is one.

The second image shows my favorite colors- pink and purple. Colors play a vital role in our daily mood. These colors make me happy.



These are just few examples on what makes me happy. It’s not rocket science to make yourself happy.

Believe me guys, you are the only one who can do the best job in making yourself happy.

Start from today. Stop procrastinating.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be Bold. Be happy.

Be your own Sunshine!


Coming to the fashion side of this post, this is a Lavender colored Pleated dress that is perfect for the summers. The pastel shade is a well suited light color option to go for during the Indian summers. It’s more pleasing to the eyes.

It’s a very classy dress and has a vintage feel to it. Pleats are totally in as per the Spring Summer 2017 trend.

I accessorized it with a Waist Cincher which is another rage this season. It helps me to give a nice shape to this. To add to the look and make it cute, I wore these pastel bracelets and a hair band.

I completed the look with white sneaker shoes to make the look more casual and easy going.

Dress: Auruhfy

Waist Clincher: Fifth Avenue

Shoes: GK 1 M block Market

Bracelets: HnM


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37 thoughts on “Being Yourself | Choose Happiness

  1. You made my day girl. I am very strong headed girl and I love to be me. Sometimes when I have to do certain things for others to make them happy I compromise on few things. but, yes as you said being fit is one thing and being stupid is one. Just loved that line.

  2. I agree with your views that only we can bring happiness for ourselves. We should make such efforts to make life easier and happier. Your cool and comfortable dress looks very pretty and stunning. These little little things makes us happy.

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