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Today I’m going to blog about a very interesting fashion topic. Androgynous Fashion. What is Androgynous Fashion and how do you sport it? As a fashion blogger, it was a good experience for me to create a look on this theme. Have you heard about androgynous fashion before? Let’s first talk about what exactly it means.



What is Androgynous Fashion

Androgyny means having the characteristics of both male and female. When it comes to fashion, it means dressing up in a gender neutral way- not confined to a man or a woman.


Does it mean dressing up like a Tomboy?


It’s a gender equating style of fashion. A mix of masculine and feminine style.

Often it’s confused by categorising it in menswear but it should not. It’s actually about breaking stereotypes and confinements of men and women clothing.

I am a woman but I don’t have to look feminine all the time. However, this doesn’t mean that I dress like a man either.


My Take on This

Sometimes, It’s very important to breakthrough gender stereotyping dressing. Just being you and not any gender. It’s really difficult to do that though. Since, it’s a mix of man and woman styles, I decided to wear an off shoulder top with a collared choker. My collared choker here represents masculinity.


For the bottom, I chose a pencil skirt that represents my femininity.

Have a look..


I stuck to monochrome because the theme itself is black and white. there are no greys. Black and white both are gender neutral colours as well.


The makeup done is subtle and nude again sticking to the theme so that it doesn’t look feminine. The hair has been pushed back using gel which is a typical masculine feature.

I haven’t accessorized with any jewelry as it wasn’t required in this theme. Although men also wear jewelry but I preferred to keep the look focused on the outfit, hair and makeup.


This post is very different from what I have done so far and I hope you liked it. What are your thoughts on this fashion trend? Are you willing to try this? Do let me know your thoughts..

Till Then,

Keep it Stylish,




PC: Tarun Singh Photography

Hair & Makeup: Kangana Kochchar

Outfit: Fifth Avenue India

Heels: Feetoes


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32 thoughts on “Androgynous

  1. Really very interesting post. You are looking awesome and with full on style. You carry yourself very smartly. I am totally impressed with this fashion trend. It’s something very different from other styles.

  2. I really love it and I love how your hair looks here. I’m definitely going to try this ❤
    And love your choker top

  3. I love the collar you have teamed your outfit with! Very chic! This definitely screams out loud that women are a wholesome package of beauty, style and amazing , while being professional! Love it!

  4. Very unique and informative post. Loved your attitude in the pics and the collar choker. I’d love to try this trend…

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